The Thing Band

The Thing is the brain child of Mallorcan guitar and keyboard genius Ignacio “Nacho” Garrido and American vocalist and lyrical writer, Rich Williams. This song writing duo teamed up with the Scottish musical family of the Galea brothers, lead guitarist Ricki, bassist Leo and drummer Casey. On the island of Mallorca, Spain, these forces collided like musical galaxies with an explosive energy that is creating an entirely new form of rock music.

Nacho’s exploration of non-traditional chromatic chords allows Rich to write melodies that are optimistic yet  melancholy, like basking in the glow of new love and inevitable heartbreak at the same time. Backed by a rhythm section composed of the Galeas, The Thing creates a rock solid groove that is wrapped in a lush, psychedelic love affair.

The Thing is heavily influenced by the music of the sixties, but translates well into the musical sensibilities of today. Elements of The Beach Boys, Donavan, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors, mix well with a funk and even disco groove, reminiscent of Steely Dan and maybe even Beck. Add to that a Spanish born flamenco guitar on one side and slide guitar steeped in the Allman Brothers Band on the other with a vocal and lyrical depth similar to Jim Morison, and a superb musical landscape shines out of the Mediterranean Sea and across the horizon. Though schooled by the classics, The Thing is definitely a modern band in every true sense. This music is not copycat, it is unique and sets out on a path of its own.

The name of the band, The Thing, is derived from Viking lore where heads of clans meet at The Thing to decide the direction of the people, in a festive congress of plenty. The band, The Thing, is THE NEW THING when it comes to deciding the direction of music and entertaining audiences eager for a new rock sound. Danceable and engaging, it’s time for us all to get together and fall in love with The Thing.